Music Boxes

Nationalfred Music

Electronic Dubstep Orchestral Upbeat

Electronic Music

Can be used for anything really.



Fast Sports Music

Armor Road Trip

Happy Bright Music

This music shines bright with happiness and joy.

Inspiring, Motivating, and Cool Downtempo Music (Full Length)

A perfect blend of downtempo and new age style tracks that will not only inspire but will play great with ads, corporate, film, television, documentary, and everything in between.

High Tech Music (Full Length)

High Tech, Cool, and Motivating are just a few words to describe these tracks featured in this music box. If your looking for music that's ahead of the curve with advanced futuristic style, look no further.



Christmas Music

A selection of instrumental Christmas music from Idiom!

Holiday Tunes for 2012

A Sampling from over 450 Holiday Tunes available on Tune Society!


Cinematic Collection,Here u will find the perfect track for any tension / suspense moment on a action movie or a game.

Romantic Piano Tracks

Romantic Piano Tracks,includes beautiful, gloomy, love, magical, melodic, peaceful, piano, romance, romantic, sad, scoring, somber tracks

Corporate & Uplifting

Corporate & Uplifting Great Collection for any uplifting and joyful mood with very optimistic vibe.

Steve's Upbeat Tracks

Steve's Upbeat Tracks

Uplifting & Inspirational - Andrea Baroni

Inspiring, motivational, lighthearted and bright songs perfect for ads, corporate videos and everything which needs a good vibe!

Piano - Andrea Baroni

Emotional, romantic and inspiring songs featuring the piano as the main voice

Cinematic Vol 1

A collection of suspenseful tracks featuring both electronic and orchestral elements. The combination of powerful strings, unusual synthesizer lines, and huge orchestral percussions gives these tracks a unique, action-suspense feel similar to those found on many hit TV shows.

Gus Caveda

A collection of Acoustic and New Age instrumentals pieces for film and TV projects.

Peter Cavallo - Absolute Best

A mix of dramatic orchestral to playful and addictive tracks.

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