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BT Spring Animation

BT Spring Animation

Corporate Advertising Tunes

Here are some tunes that are perfect for commercials, infomercials, advertising, reels, presentation, travel, sport, fitness, or anything that needs a corporate motivating and positive vibe.

Cisco Webinar

Cisco Webinar



Coporate Music

OfbittSounds-Coporate Music


Dawn" is an 11-song collection of music designed by request as a sequel to "Peace" in the series of trauma-informed music in a special-needs environment. "Peace" was designed to bring the listener down to and into sleep. How do we now take the traumatized soul to the morning hours and be ready in the early moments of the day? Utilizing experimentation, dialogue and research, these songs have been designed and modified to fit the "wake-up" experience.


"Peace" is a 13-song collection of music by Joe Hesh that has been researched and designed therapeutically to provide music that winds down the hyper-active brain or anyone just wanting to re-instill quiet into his or her space. The collection was designed to help schools that deal with children with mild autism, ADHD, and other diagnoses, as well as usage in film/video to give both a visual and aural calming effect.

Orient dreams

Dreams of sand and Oriental passion in a variety of original tracks by Vlzmusic.

Best Selling Tracks of 2013

These are the best selling tracks of 2013 on Tune Society. Take a look at what others are using.

Christmas/Holidays 2013

Christmas/Holidays 2013

Beautiful Underscore

Peaceful thoughts and tranquil moments, beautiful underscore perfect for cinematic sountracks

Funky Music

A collection of Funk inspired tunes

White Cat Music - Absolute Best

From smooth acoustic to energetic gypsy jazz, from mediterranean atmoshpheres to lush tropical sounds, this is a collection of some of the best tracks released by White Cat Music. Enjoy!

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