Music Boxes

Piano/Keyboard (David Hollandsworth)

A collection of my piano/keyboard oriented compositions

Quirky/Dramedy/Comedy (David Hollandsworth)

A collection of tracks perfect for reality TV, comedy or dramedy use

Cool Music

Cool music selection from MarcusBresslerMusic!

Acoustic/Western/Tension (David Hollandsworth)

A collection of acoustic based track with an old west feel and slightly tense

Dark/Tension/Suspense/Investigative (David Hollandsworth)

A collection of tracks that would work for dark, eerie, suspenseful, crime type settings

HB Music Productions


Orchestral Colors

Emotional, immersive and inventive orchestral tracks

TOY INVENTION - Advertising

Tracks for advertising and motivation with a light and easygoing mood.

Blues Rock, Blues, Southern Rock Instrumentals

A collection of guitar driven instrumentals. Various moods of attitude, character, energetic, sexy, action, driving, etc. Good for all media.

TNTracks Absolute Best

YES, it was hard to choose, but we find our best tracks!

Country, Americana, Southern Instrumentals

A collection of instrumentals with a wide range of styles, moods and genres. Featuring guitar. Good for all media.

Guitar Rock Instrumentals

A collection of rock instrumentals featuring guitar. Classic rock, blues rock, roots rock, southern rock, modern rock, country tock and retro. A wide range of moods, styles, genres. Good for all media.


Andrea Baroni - Absolute Best

15 of my best tracks

Orchestral Dramedy

Quirky and comedic. All those plucky pizzicato, marimba, orchestral type cues you love. Perfect for dramedy, comedy, reality shows and more! Alternate mixes available.

Mario Lucian Andreano - Cheerful Advertising

Here's my collection of tracks for advertising with a cheerful/acoustic tone. Here you can find full tracks but also 60/30 sec cuts for each one, in order to better fit in you commercial projects. Enjoy!

Cinematic Moods

Cinematic Moods from dreamy to bold and majestic. Themes and underscore. Useful for romance, drama, action, adventure and more. Alternate mixes available.

Geoffrey Wilson - Absolute Best

A multi genre collection of Geoffrey's finest music.

Solo and Duet Guitar Instrumentals

A collection of solo and duet guitar instrumentals, electric and acoustic. Various genres and styles covering a wide range of moods. Good for all media.

Absolute Best

Absolute the best corporate & uplifting collection.

60s Surf Sounds

A collection of early 60s original surf music in the style of Dick Dale and other instrumental bands from that era

Cinematic Collection

Mostly quiet cinematic tunes suitable for romantic films or quiet documentaries. Searching for the bare title of a song leads you to various edits/versions.

Happy Clappy Collection

Uplifting ukulele songs ensuring a carefree and joyous mood. Searching for the bare title of a song leads you to various edits/versions.