Music Boxes

Smooth Jazz Guitar

Improvisation-based electric and acoustic jazz guitar tracks

Electric Guitar Stingers

Short electric guitar clips in a variety of genres, perfect for transitions, and all $19.99.

Fool's Gold

Tracks from Randy McGravey's 2019 guitar virtuoso album "Fool's Gold"

Desert Acoustic Guitar

Desert-themed western acoustic guitar tracks

Modern Electronic Dance Music

Collection of instrumental modern EDM tracks

Modern Uplifting Indie Music

Collection of modern, uplifting, upbeat indie/rock tracks

Vacation Vibes

Enjoy some uplifting summer fun with these vacation-themed tracks!

New Age and Light Moods

A collection of light, relaxed and atmospheric cues.

Atmospheric Music

A collection of atmospheric cues ranging from more neutral to the slightly more intense that include dreamy, evocative and hypnotizing sounds and textures.

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