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Under The Rainbow – Reggae Beats by Eyota

Under The Rainbow - Reggae Beats by Eyota is a collection of funky, relaxing and happy reggae beats, that invites you to spend a beautiful day in the hammock or on the beach. Time to dream, dance and chill out. Eyota Music Website:

Silent Dreams by Eyota

Silent Dreams by Eyota combines calm, relaxing and dreaming music, that invites you to dream, relax and meditate. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, healing, yoga, reiki and wellness. Eyota Music Website:

Relaxing Moments by Eyota

Relaxing Moments by Eyota transports you to a magical land of dreams, aspirations and natural scenery of all kinds - in the endless expanse of the universe, the most beautiful places of the sea and in beautiful Paradise Gardens. Music that takes you on a relaxing journey into your heart and inner self. Enjoy, relax and dream! Eyota Music Website:

Orchestral Music

A collection of orchestral cues with moods ranging from intense to funny, uplifting to serious and magical to intimate. Period pieces and smaller ensembles are also in this collection.

Hybrid Drama and Tension

A collection of Dramatic and Tense tracks that often have a mix of electronic, orchestral and acoustic instrumentation.


Instrumental Electronic Music with Guitars

Mystik Keyz Instrumnetals

A Collection of my hip hop instrumnetals

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