Music Boxes

Majestic Beats

A collection of my vast array of beatsssssss. Deep House, Progressive, Moombahton, Drum and Bass, Electro, Dub, Hip Hop instrumental, adventure music.

Positive Mood

Hi there everyone! I decided to make a Music Box which includes several positive tunes of mine and name it "Positive Mood".Tracks with a positive vibe, which's only job is to offer a great, uplifting, bright, and sunny mood to any kind of project! Thanks for taking the time to explore our music, Panos. 108, Music

Majestic Cinematic Soundtracks by Eyota

Majestic Cinematic Soundtracks by Eyota is a collection of epic and powerful soundtracks made for Hollywood blockbusters, cinematic film trailer and genious movies - majestic, awesome, dreamy, creepy or lovely - orchestral soundtracks of the special art. Have a seat and enjoy your cinema adventure! Eyota Music Website:

Global Happiness by Eyota

Global Happiness by Eyota takes you on a journey through Latin America, Brazil, Cuba, India, the tropical rainforest and Spain - a fascinating music mix of global styles, rhythms and songs. Listen, dance and have fun! Eyota Music Website:

Hard Rock Time by Eyota

Hard Rock Time by Eyota is a music collection of rocking beats, heavy metal grooves, hardrock songs and powerful rhythms and melodies. A music CD for all rocker, biker and cool people out there, who love hardrock and heavy metal. Eyota Music Website:

Music For All

"Music For All" is a music box I created with the idea that various music genres might fight to any kind(s) of project(s). In this box You'll find a few of my best tracks here on Tunesociety! For more tracks please check out my profile! There You'll find ambient,quirky,happy,corporate themes and much more! Thanks, 108 Music

Christmas/Holidays 2014

Christmas/Holidays 2014

Acoustic Greatness

A refreshing compilation of some of the best selling acoustic tracks by BeatheBeat. Fun, happy and upbeat music featuring acoustic guitars, ukuleles, handclaps and more.



Joonique Sound

Unique Music by Joonique Sound!

Inspiring, Motivating, and Cool Downtempo Music (Full Length)

A perfect blend of downtempo and new age style tracks that will not only inspire but will play great with ads, corporate, film, television, documentary, and everything in between.

High Tech Music (Full Length)

High Tech, Cool, and Motivating are just a few words to describe these tracks featured in this music box. If your looking for music that's ahead of the curve with advanced futuristic style, look no further.



Christmas Music

A selection of instrumental Christmas music from Idiom!

Holiday Tunes for 2012

A Sampling from over 450 Holiday Tunes available on Tune Society!

Romantic Piano Tracks

Romantic Piano Tracks,includes beautiful, gloomy, love, magical, melodic, peaceful, piano, romance, romantic, sad, scoring, somber tracks

Steve's Upbeat Tracks

Steve's Upbeat Tracks

Uplifting & Inspirational - Andrea Baroni

Inspiring, motivational, lighthearted and bright songs perfect for ads, corporate videos and everything which needs a good vibe!

Piano - Andrea Baroni

Emotional, romantic and inspiring songs featuring the piano as the main voice

emotional piano


30 - 60 - 15 Seconds

Advertising, Commercial, tv, radio spot

Cancer Screening Music

Cancer Screening Music

The Most Beautiful

My most beautiful and emotional tracks.

Rainer Kühnl

The work of Rainer Kühnl



Gus Caveda

A collection of Acoustic and New Age instrumentals pieces for film and TV projects.

Power and Punch by Denis Woods

Unique, powerful and driving collection of electric guitar driven tracks. From uber riffing metal, Muse/NIN industrial to u2/Coldplay melodic cues. Perfect for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding, website, documentary, infomercial, new product launch and contemporary drama. Keywords: Rock Pop Coldplay U2 Guitar Epic Progressive Synthetic Heavy High Tech Positive Proud, Confident Dramatic, Energetic Motivational Uplifting 21st Century

Backdrop For Drama

A collection of cinematic music in different moods, from thoughtful, hopeful and romantic to positive, uplifting and playful. Perfect soundtrack for any contemporary drama, movie or TV-series.

Industrial Instrumental Rock by Ethereal Motion

Hard driving Industrial type of instrumental rock songs with big, heavy guitars and cool melodic content. Real drums are pounding and the synth loops are progressive. These songs are good for any high action sporting event or horror/scary film or television episode. Powerful, driving and explosive. Thick guitar chugs support distorted synths, massive drums and blazing lead sounds.

Radio Ad

For Contemporary Worship Ad Spring 2017

MDM MUSIC - Ambient Cinematic Piano Themes

A collection of pensive acoustic piano themes in a cinematic arrangement