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Disco Dance Party by Eyota

Disco Dance Party by Eyota is a collection of funky, cheerful, lively and upbeat disco dance songs - perfect to dance, enjoy and be happy. Eyota Music Website:

Jazz Time by Eyota

Jazz Time by Eyota takes you on a trip to funky, groovy, upbeat, happy and crazy jazz music, rock beats and saxophone melodies. The music CD 'Jazz Time' combines fascinating elements of funk, groove, jazz, soul and swing. An outstanding musical adventure and listening experience! Eyota Music Website:

Dramatic Soundtracks by Eyota

Dramatic Soundtracks by Eyota contains powerful, mystical, sad, epic and majestic orchestral film scores. A very special listening pleasure for all lovers of wonderful cinematic music! Eyota Music Website:

Magical Pop Music by Eyota

Magical Pop Music by Eyota combines dreamy, mysterious, happy and joyful melodies with synth pop, drum beats and refreshing rhythms - invites you to dream, dance and relax. Eyota Music Website:

Romantic Orchestral Soundtracks by Eyota

Romantic Orchestral Soundtracks by Eyota combines lovely, dreamy, graceful and sensual orchestral music, classical music, drum beats and cinematic music. Invites you to dream, enjoy and fly away. Eyota Music Website:

Rock Fever by Eyota

Rock Fever by Eyota combines music styles like rock, funk, soul, boogie woogie and rock 'n roll - a music collection of funky, groovy and rocking music. Come on and dance! Eyota Music Website:

Happy Beats by Eyota

Happy Beats by Eyota provides you a happy, peppy and awesome musical adventure with lucky melodies, joyful beats and cheerful moods. Just be happy and smile! Eyota Music Website:

Magic Moments by Eyota

Magic Moments by Eyota invites you to dream, relax and enjoy the silent sounds of nature, tender female voices and gentle, meditative sounds and melodies. Ideal for meditation, healing, relaxation, yoga, reiki and wellness. Eyota Music Website:

Techno Dance Party by Eyota

Techno Dance Party by Eyota is a groovy, happy, powerful and peppy electronic dance music CD with techno beats, electronic grooves and powerful, crazy dance moves. Let's have a party, people!Eyota Music Website:

Oriental Mood by Eyota

Oriental Mood by Eyota is a fairytale of the Arabian Nights - oriental pop music, dreamy arabic music, turkish melodies and mysterious oriental sounds invites you to an exotic journey to the beautiful Orient. Come in and enjoy! Eyota Music Website:

Uplifting Happy Music by Eyota

Uplifting Happy Music by Eyota is a music collection of cheerful, joyful and uplifting melodies and sunny, playful and happy music pieces. Music for dancing, smiling and being happy. Listen and enjoy the sunny side of life! Eyota Music Website:

Happy Hip Hop Beats by Eyota

Happy Hip Hop Beats by Eyota is an exciting, interesting music collection of different hip hop styles - funky melodies, happy beats and groovy moves invite you to dance! Eyota Music Website:

mood music

This music is for radio,advertising,tv,in store mood music or for just chilling

Help Portrait

Hekp Portrait

Lauryl Laureth

A variety of genres of music.


Music selects for Zodiac Spot

Ultimate ATU Show Music

Ultimate ATU Show Music



Jim Downing Documentary

Jim Downing Documentary

Instrumental Acoustic

A collection of instrumental acoustic guitar tracks with lush emtional orchestrations and arrangements.


Happy pop, folk, rock for commercials, ad, film, wedding

Mr. H.L. Booker Songs

Pop/Soul/R&B/Gospel/Country Songs.